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Divisions and Committees

Divisions and Committees that make up the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets and Foods.

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Office of Commissioner

The Office of Commissioner is the administrative hub of the Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food, providing oversight, financial control and support to the various divisions of the agency.

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The New Hampshire Department of Agriculture consists of six divisions. Through these units the department assures safe and healthy food supplies, provides accurate information on prices and availability of farm commodities and crops and develops markets for the state's farmers.

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Division of Agricultural Development

The Division of Agricultural Development works to bring producers and consumers together in the marketplace through promotional initiatives and marketing programs.

Division of Animal Industry

The Division of Animal Industry is responsible for the control and eradication of all contagious and infectious diseases of domestic animals and poultry in the state.

Division of Pesticide Control

The Division of Pesticide Control works to ensure the safe and proper use of chemical pesticides by enforcing state pesticide laws affecting sale, storage and application of all registered pesticides, examining and licensing pesticide dealers and users, and registering pesticides sold and used within the state.


Division of Plant Industry

The Division of Plant Industry is responsible for the inspection of commercially grown nursery/greenhouse stock throughout the state.

Division of Regulatory Services

The Division of Regulatory Services is responsible for assuring compliance with New Hampshire laws and the administrative rules of the department governing the marketing of certain farm commodities, including the regulation of feed, fertilizer, liming materials, horticultural growing media and seed.

Division of Weights and Measures

The Division of Weights and Measures is responsible for regulating commodities sold by weight or measure in state commerce, ensuring and promoting accuracy and equity in the marketplace for both consumers and businesses, as well as the licensing of registered private service technicians, weighmasters, and commercial devices. The Division also operates the State's Metrology Laboratory which houses the State's standards used to provide standardization in measurement and economy. The Metrology Laboratory provides calibration work for both the private and public sectors.


There are two administratively-attached committees under the umbrella of the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food.

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NH Agriculture in the Classroom

The mission of NH Agriculture in the Classroom is to use agriculture as a vehicle to teach science, in order to increase awareness & knowledge in youth of farming practices, to foster their appreciation of agrarian heritage & rural life style and to encourage them to be responsible stewards of the land.

State Conservation Committee

The State Conservation Committee (SCC) confirms Conservation District Supervisors; coordinates the Districts' work; maintains a long-range soil and water conservation plan; and fosters coordination with other natural resource state and federal agencies, organizations, and the legislature. The SCC receives a portion of the Conservation license Plate (Moose Plate) funds and distributes the funds in grants that support conservation activities.

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