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Laws and Rules

Below is a partial list of laws and rules pertaining to agriculture in New Hampshire. Most are directly administered by the Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food. However, as agriculture is impacted by some regulations administered by other departments within New Hampshire State Government, they are also provided here for your information. Two recent publications may also be helpful resources: Legal Guide for New Hampshire Agricultural Producerspdf file and Local Regulation of Agriculture Toolkitpdf file.

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  • Laws
    • RSA 21:34-a Definition of Agriculture (including agritourism, farmers' markets)
    • RSA 143-A:12 Homestead Food license
    • RSA 178:8 Wine manufacturer's license (including sales at farmers' markets)
    • RSA 178:12-a Nano Brewery license (including sales at farmers' markets)
    • RSA 184 Selling Milk and Dairy Products (including licensing, pasteurization, selling raw milk and cheese)
    • RSA 236:70,VI Agriculture exempt from definition of "Commercial" activities in regards to placement of signs along state highway areas
    • RSA 236:72 Farms exempt from permits for signs along state highway areas
    • RSA 236:73,V-a Farm signage allowed along state highway areas
    • RSA 349:1,IV(d) Farmers' Market Trade Name Registration
    • RSA 425:2-a The Granite State Farm to Plate Food Policy and Principles
    • RSA 432:32-35 Nuisance Liability of Agricultural Operations (Right-to-Farm Law)
    • RSA 508:14 Landowner Liability Limited
    • RSA 672:1 Planning & Zoning Declaration of Purpose
    • RSA 673:4-b Agricultural Commissions
    • RSA 674:32-a-c Agricultural Uses of Land

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  • Farmland Preservation
    • Laws
    • Rules
      • Agr 700 Acquisition of Agricultural Land Development Rights (expired)
  • Feed, Fertilizer and Seed
  • Food Products
  • Quality Assurance
    • Laws
      • RSA 426 Standards for Farm Products
      • RSA 426:5 Use of Words "Native," "Local," and "Our Own"
      • RSA 434:59-61 Grading and Certification or Stamping of Native Lumber
    • Rules
      • Agr 908 Grading and Certification or Stamping of Native Lumber (expired)
      • Agr 910 Organic Processors
      • Agr 911 Certification of Organically Produced Plant, Animal, Food or Fiber Commodities
      • Agr 1000 Seal of Quality
      • Agr 1300 Controlled Atmosphere (expired)

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See RSA 438 generally: "Standards for Weights and Measures."

See RSA 339:30:a Posting of "Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Prices."

See NIST Handbook 44, NIST Handbook 130, NIST Handbook 112 (National Institute of Standards & Technology Handbooks), which have been incorporated by reference into RSA 438.

  • Definitions
  • Public Weighmasters
    • Rules
  • Service Technicians
    • Laws
    • Rules
      • Agr 1404 Registration/Licensure Requirements
      • Agr 1405 Requirements and Reporting Duties (including testing equipment, privileges, reporting duties, requirements, use of security seals, certification stamps, sealing procedure, etc.)
  • Sale of Commodities
    • Laws
    • Rules
      • Agr 1406 Method of Sale (including labeling, price posting, misrepresentation of quantity, etc.)
  • Licensing of Commercial Devices
    • Laws
      • RSA 438:19 Duty of Owners of Incorrect Apparatus
    • Rules
      • Agr 1407 Licensure Application and Annual Requirements (including annual inspection and certification requirements)
  • Posting and Advertising of Motor Vehicle Fuel
    • Laws
    • Rules
      • Agr 1408 Price Posting Requirements (including retail motor fuel, kerosene, diesel fuel, liquefied natural gas, LPG, etc.)
  • Temperature Correction for Refined Petroleum Products
    • Laws
      • RSA 438:20 Method of Sale of Commodities; General
    • Rules
      • Agr 1409 (including testing of automatic temperature-compensating systems, allowable meter error, petroleum products delivery tickets, etc.)
  • NH Weights and Measures Fees
    • Laws
    • Rules
      • Agr 1410 NH Metrology Laboratory Fees, Licensure Fees for Service Technicians and Weighmasters
  • Violations of RSA 438:40,I and of Administrative Rules
    • Laws
    • Rules
      • Agr 1411 violations of RSA 438:40,I and of Administrative Weights and Measures Rules; Written Warnings of Violation; Administrative Fines
  • Dating Prewrapped Sandwiches

State Conservation Committee

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