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Organic Certification Forms

Organic System Plans (applications) must be submitted in completion with supporting documentation, and with the applicable fees to: NHDAMF, Division of Regulatory Services, PO Box 2042, Concord, NH 03302-2042.

All Organic System Plans have been revised. Older forms will be rejected if submitted. Some forms are still in the process of being made fillable electronically.


The renewal OSP is accepted only on EVEN years and the full standard OSP is to be completed every ODD year for all operations.

Being an odd year, all currently certified operations will need to submit a Full Standard OSP form. Below are links to the 2021 OSPs for all scopes.

Organic System Plan Cover Pagepdf file

Crop Organic System Plans (OSP)

Livestock Organic System Plans

Leased-Rented-Borrowed Land Policy

  • If an applicant manages one or more operations owned by different people through a lease agreement (or similar agreement) and such operations are located at several sites (different physical locations), then all organic products from managed operations shall be sold under such applicant's name only.
  • Such applicants must submit a completed Landowner Statement Formpdf file, and submit the appropriate fees for all acreage to be certified.
  • If the landowner of the above operation sells any of these certified organic products under their own name or farm name then such landowner must also apply for organic certification and submit the required information and fees.

Transitioning Land or Livestock to Organic

Operations who intend to apply for certification, for land or livestock which do not qualify as "organic" must complete an Intent to Transition to Organic Certificationpdf file form. A review of the relevant regulations regarding qualified land and livestock is recommended by accessing the following links:  Land Requirements and Origin of Livestock.

Processor/Handler Organic System Plans

Organic Processor & Handler and On-Farm Processor Definitions

Operations that process organic commodities for sale are considered "processors;" operations which repackage organic commodities for sale are considered "handlers." Official definitions as published in the NOP Regulations, 7 CFR Part 205 & NH State Rule, PART Agr 910 are listed below:

  • "Handle" means to sell, process, or package agricultural products, except such term shall not include the sale, transportation, or delivery of crops or livestock by the producer thereof to a handler.
  • "Handler" means any person engaged in the business of handling agricultural products, including producers who handle crops or livestock of their own production, except such term shall not include final retailers of agricultural products that do not process agricultural products.
  • "Handling operation" means any operation or portion of an operation (except final retailers of agricultural products that do not process agricultural products) that receives or otherwise acquires agricultural products and processes, packages, or stores such products.
  • "On-Farm processor" means a certified organic farmer who is certified under Agr 911 and who processes organic products at the same location whereby a minimum of 75% of the finished product's ingredients are organically produced by the certified organic farmer. Such ingredients can include, but are not limited to, crops, grains, or herbs.
  • "Processing" means cooking, baking, curing, heating, drying, mixing, grinding, churning, separating, extracting, slaughtering, cutting, fermenting, distilling, eviscerating, preserving, dehydrating, freezing, chilling, or otherwise manufacturing and includes the packaging, canning, jarring, or otherwise enclosing food in a container.
  • "Processor" means any person, including an on-farm processor, engaged in the processing of agricultural ingredients into agricultural products. Such products can include, but are not limited to, human or animal food, fiber products, or personal care products.

Unless otherwise exempt per NOP Regulation Section 205.101, Exemptions and exclusions from certification, processors and handlers of organic commodities must be certified as organic. Crop producers who harvest and further process and package their own harvested crops must be certified as an "On-farm" processor.

Surrender of Certification

Certified operations who wish to exit the organic certification program must surrender their organic certificate to the certifier. To facilitate this process, we ask such individuals to compete a Surrender of Organic Certificate Form.pdf file

Please contact the Division of Regulatory Services at (603) 271-2753 or (603) 271-3685, or email with questions regarding the forms.

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