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Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Herbaceous Plants

New Hampshire's prohibited invasive plants.

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norway maple

Acer Platanoides

Norway maple

tree of heaven

Ailanthus altissima

Tree of heaven


japanese barnerry

Berberis thunbergii

Japanese barberry

european barberry

Berberis vulgaris

European barberry

autumn olive

Elaeagnus umbellata

Autumn Olive

burning bush

Euonymus alatus

Burning Bush

blunt-leaved privet

Ligustrum obtusifolium

Blunt-leaved privet

bush honeysuckles

Lonicera spp.

Bush honeysuckles

common buckthorn

Rhamnus cathartica

Common buckthorn

glossy buckthorn

Rhamnus frangula /
Frangula alnus

Glossy buckthorn

multiflora rose

Rosa multiflora

Multiflora Rosa


oriental bittersweet

Celastrus orbiculatus

Oriental bittersweet

japanese honeysuckle

Lonicera japonica

Japanese honeysuckle

mile-a-minute vine

Polygonum perfoliatum

Mile-a-minute vine


garlic mustard

Alliaria petiolata

Garlic mustard

spotted knapweed

Centaurea biebersteinii

Spotted knapweed


Cynanchum spp.


giant hogweed

Heracleum mantegazzianum

Giant hogweed

dame's rocket

Hesperus matronalis

Dame's rocket

perennial pepperweed

Lepidium latifolium

Perennial pepperweed

japanese stilt-grass

Microstegium vimineum

Japanese stilt-grass

japanese knotweed

Polygonum cuspidatum

Japanese knotweed

bohemiam knotweed

Reynoutria x bohemica

Bohemian knotweed

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